High Country Fencing LTD is a well established company that offers a stress free solution to all your fencing needs. With over 15 years experience in fencing through out New Zealand, Australia and Canada, High Country Fencing is committed to providing top quality workmanship.

As a Canterbury based Fencing Contractor we can and regularly provide fencing solutions South Island wide. Due to length of time working in this industry we have an excellent set up of modern equipment and we can tackle the largest of contracts. We will help with any planning, order materials, bull-dozing fence lines and disposing of old materials.

Our High Country division consists of our Komatsu Bulldozer with Side Mounted Post Driver. Our bulldozer can fence steep hills where a tractor cannot safely go. Due to the better ability to anchor itself on steep slippery hill country and the lower center of gravity, the bulldozer is the safer choice. Our highly skilled staff also put safety first and we will hand dig posts as necessary if the terrain is too dangerous. The side-mounted post driver set up allows us to more efficiently drive posts in a straight line down hillsides and avoid having to back up to install posts. Extra specialist high country equipment that we carry is our Rock Drill and Pneumatic Picket Post Driver. Our Rock Drill is a drill for installing waratahs into extreme rocky areas and for blasting post holes in rock.And our Pneumatic Picket Post Driver is specially designed to vibrate waratahs or Y posts easily into hard ground. This efficiency is valuable on large contracts when large numbers of waratahs need to be installed. With our specialist High Country Fencing equipment we can get the job done ‘cheaper, faster and safer’.

Our Down Country divison consists of our three Modern Valtra Tractors with Hydraulic Post Drivers. This divisions specialises in any fencing work on flat country. This includes our vast amount of experience in Dairy Conversions and Rural Farm fencing. We have also moved into the area of Subdivisions, Vineyards, Residential and Security fencing and have had very pleasing results. Check out our gallery page for some of these projects.

We are also available to organise Helicopter Services for dropping fencing materials off onto in-accessable hillsides. As Geoff is a trained helicopter pilot, he has the knowledge required for working around helicopters and ensuring our staff do so safely as well. We will also prepare the bundles of materials for the helicopter drop offs.

At High Country Fencing we are committed to the safety of our staff. Due to the nature of the terrain we often work in and the equipment we use – we are very proactive at keeping our staff safe. We have daily health and safety reviews before each work day starts to assess any potential hazards and we also have monthly health and safety meetings. We have a good cover of insurance with our reputable insurance company. We hold 2 million General Indemity insurance and Forest & Rural Fires Act at 1 million. We can also increase insurance levels further if required further for the job if required.

Our staff are also sent to First Aid Courses and each vehicle is fully equipment with extensive First Aid Kits. Staff carry communication devices at all times whilst at work and all employees are regularly educated in the potential hazards involved in our line of work. High Country Fencing staff attend fencing, chainsaw, tractor and agricultural safety courses. All our staff have or are currently working towards their National Certificate in Fencing.

We have gained our ‘Accreditation’ with the New Zealand Fencing Contractor Association (FCANZ) and are on FCANZ list as an approved ‘Accredited Fencing Contractor’ . This involved our high level of workmanship being assessed and overall business running procedures. ‘FCANZ has developed the ”Accredited Fencing Contractor” qualification to bring the fencing business up to a standard that covers both the construction of the fence, as well as the running of the business. FCANZ Accredited Fencing Contractors have a proven knowledge in design and material selection, they have gained qualifications to back their accreditation. As fencing is regionalised due to terrain and conditions accredited members have been assessed on best practice and quality within their environment. ‘ (FCANZ website). We are also a member of the Federated Farmers Inc.

All our staff are proud of the workmanship we produce and we guarantee our workmanship is to the highest standard.

Check out our Gallery Page to see our workmanship.

For advice and a No Obligation Quote call us today. Geoff Rogers 021 640 748. (03) 317 8028

Earthquake Temporary Fencing, Construction Site Temporary Fencing, Sheep, Deer, Cattle, Electric, Post & Rail, Dairy Conversions, Residential, Security, Subdivisions, Vineyards.