High Country Fencing is a well established fencing company that takes pride in providing top quality workmanship through-out the South Island, New Zealand.

Our wide range of fencing services ensure that all types of fencing needs are available . We are not only a specialist in the High Country, we also provide a Down Country and Residential Fencing service.

We offer a complete ‘design and build service’ for all your fencing requirements. We will not only undertake fencing but also take care of all the design, ordering and collection of materials.

Our specialist bulldozer will also level fence lines and clear scrub if needed. With our extensive fencing equipment and highly skilled staff we can tackle the largest of contracts.


Our specially set up Bulldozer and Side Mounted Post Driver ensures steep and challenging hill country is safely fenced.

We also carry a specially designed Pneumatic waratah driver for installing waratahs with greater ease in a quicker time.

Rocky areas also are not a problem – with our Rockdrill and qualification in Extraction Industries we are available to use explosives to move rock for fence lines.

With over 15 years experience, High Country Fencing have the equipment, knowledge and skills to get the job done ‘better, faster and safer’. Saving your time and money!


Our Down Country division consists of two Modern Valtra Tractors with Specialist Hydraulic Post Drivers. Specially set up for Flat country, Rural farm fencing, Dairy Conversions, Horse Fencing, and Subdivisions. We also specialise in Residential and Security Fencing. All fencing solutions are covered!

We can also cater for Temporary Construction Site Fencing and Earthquake Temporary Fencing. With our close proximity to Christchurch we have and can tackle Earthquake related fencing issues easily.

High Country Fencing

Specialist in:

Earthquake Temporary Fencing, Construction Site Temporary Fencing, Sheep, Deer, Cattle, Electric, Post & Rail, Dairy Conversions, Residential, Security, Subdivisions, Vineyards.

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